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Classroom Programs

Pre-K / Early Learning

These beginner classes introduce the fundamentals of each artistic discipline. They are focused on Classical training, as the skills in this genre comprise the core of many others and are therefore transferable at higher levels. Instruction at this level is encouraging and playful. Students will be exposed to a variety of different instruments, learn to read notes, and identify patterns in pitch and rhythm.

Grades 1 - 3

These classes build upon concepts introduced in the Early Learning classes, keeping the Classical core and branching out into more modern genres. Now that students are comfortable with the fundamentals, instruction is geared towards improving skills in one area of specialization, as well as diversifying into other instruments. Students will be introduced to pop, jazz, rock, improvisation, and composition. 

Grades 4 - 6

These more advanced classes focus on honing individual skills through active collaboration and performance with other students. World music will also be introduced at this level, as there is a strong emphasis on cross-disciplinary and multicultural pursuits. Students will work together to create their own compositions, fine-tune their performances, and often combine music with other art forms.

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