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At Soyulla, we believe that making music together is one of the most powerful, encouraging, and beneficial ways to learn. Why? Because while good music is always sure to keep young students engaged and entertained, they quickly learn that to make it themselves they have to practice communication, cooperation, results-orientation, and even physical coordination! It's out mission Soyulla Artists, through every program we offer, to use the joy of music as a way of fostering these important life skills, as well as give students a new creative outlet for self-expression.
But, like with anything else, to learn efficiently requires the right curriculum and teacher—and that's where Center Stage comes in. Whether you are looking for a weekly academic curriculum or a one-time assembly, Center Stage will work with you to create a learning experience tailored to your goals and students' needs, whether that's to accommodate age, group size, or experience level.

How do we do this? With a little Soyulla magic—our over 20-year expertise in educating young students through music—but even more importantly through our versatile Artists roster, made up exclusively of active performing professionals at the top of their fields. They have earned degrees from top conservatories and have performed on the world's greatest stages. But beyond that, as Soyulla Artists they are equally committed to sharing their talents with the next generation of musicians in an enjoyable, engaging, and accessible way. This means you can rest assured that whatever type of instruction you want, be it in any instrument or genre of music, you'll be getting a specialist with vast experience working with and teaching children. 

With Soyulla, students can't wait to take their turn Center Stage!

A littlmore about us...

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Center Stage is a division of Soyulla Artists, founded in 2001 by Juilliard alumna Jae M. Shin. Soyulla Artists was founded on the principle that everyone deserves to have the joy of a high-quality music education taught in an engaging, accessible way.

Soyulla represents the finest Teaching and Performing Artists currently seen on the world's greatest stages, including Broadway, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. They have trained at prestigious conservatories including Curtis, Juilliard, and Eastman, and have collaborated with the biggest names in music: Elton John, Florence and the Machine, Yo-Yo Ma, Bernadette Peters, and Eric Clapton, just to name a few.

At Soyulla, our motto is "We bring the arts to you!". We offer services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, and throughout the NYC metropolitan area.

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Soyulla Stars is another division of Soyulla Artists that offers world-class music for all kinds of occasions, including weddings, parties, and corporate events. We can provide music of all genres and ensembles of all sizes tailored to your event. Our Artists are known for making that special connection with an audience that is sure to make the occasion only that more memorable! See some dynamic shots below of our Artists in action:

Stars collage.png

For more information and booking, contact or visit our Stars website at

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