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Voice, Piano Songwriting

Carrie is an award-winning vocalist, pianist, educator, bandleader, and composer based in New York City. Her voice has been described as “multifaceted” (All About Jazz) and “sweet” (NPR), with a “confetti-cannon presence” (Boston Globe). With degrees in vocal performance from The University of Miami (Bachelor’s) and The New England Conservatory (Master’s), she has explored almost every genre of music through this creative, improvisatory lens including but not limited to jazz, pop, rock, musical theatre, classical, country, and music from around the world. With this breadth of knowledge across genres, she caters lessons to her students’ interests, teaching varying musical styles, improvisation and functional vocal techniques along the way. 


As a performer, Carrie leads, plays keyboard, and writes the music for her rock, pop, and jazz bands. These bands have been signed to successful labels such as NNA Tapes and Red Piano Records and have been featured in publications such as NPR and the Boston Globe. Carrie is the recipient of three downbeat awards: “Outstanding Jazz Performance”, “Outstanding Blues/Pop/Rock Performance”, and “Outstanding Original Composition for Jazz Small Group”. 


A dedicated educator, Carrie enjoys working on songwriting and improvisation with students in addition to teaching repertoire and technique in lessons. She believes that creativity and the freedom to explore music is just as important as learning the fundamentals. She wants to help each student find their artistic voice and musical perspective while using fun and accessible concepts and plain-english approach to teaching music.

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