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Assembly Programs

Some of our most popular programs are listed below. Browse our ideas, or create your own!

All That Jazz (Jazz, Blues, Bebop, Swing)

Explore the truly American art form... jazz! Learn about blues, bebop, swing, and more. Open your mind, journey through the creative world of improvisation, and sit in on a jam session.

Around the World (Multicultural Music)

It's a small world after all! Enjoy an interactive class introducing children to music from around the world. What better way to celebrate our diverse city than through games, songs, and instruments from a wealth of cultures? 

The Beat (Orchestral and Afro-Cuban Percussion)

Take a tour through the basic foundation of music: rhythm. Learn all about the percussion instruments heard in an orchestra such as the tambourine, triangle, cymbals, and snare drum. Explore the sounds of the djembe, conga, and other instruments used in Afro-Cuban music. Get hands-on experience as you create beats with Soyulla's percussionists.

The Colors of the Wind (Woodwind Quintet)

This colorful assortment of wind instruments brings both beautiful music and an exploration of the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and French horn. A favorite classic for assembly programs and children's concerts is Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Also, hear from an extensive repertoire ranging from Renaissance suites to Paquito D'Rivera's "Wapango."

Divas Live! (Opera and Broadway singers)

Center Stage is wherever the diva walks! In this "duel of the divas" presentation, you'll learn about the differences and similarities between the opera and Broadway singer. Be introduced to the versatility and range of the human voice in both styles through virtuosic arias and flashy Broadway tunes. It's guaranteed to bring out the diva in you!

Fiddlers and Friends (String Quartet)

The string quartet, consisting of two violins, a viola, and a cello, is the most traditional chamber group and the foundation of the symphony orchestra. Take in the unique sonorities of instruments that make up the string family and hear the beautiful blend they create as a quartet. You'll discover why this ensemble is a classic favorite through a showcase of musical styles.

Fireworks (Classical Chamber Music, Electrified)

The virtuosity and sensitivity of a classical chamber music group combined with the power of a rock band! This group consists of a unique combination of instruments: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, and percussion. Discover a fresh avenue for young audiences to experience classical music through a workshop focusing on improvisation and a concert featuring unique arrangements of classical masterpieces.

Five Star Brass (Brass Quintet)

From Bach to The Beatles and beyond! This brass quintet provides an educational, entertaining, and interactive program covering repertoire from classical, jazz, Broadway, and rock through a blend of virtuosity and humor. Students learn about brass instruments and their music in a light and funny presentation.

Storytelling Through Music (Composition, Narration)

Travel from ancient oral traditions through modern musical theatre, learning how to compose scores of your own to tell a story. 

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