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     Birthday parties and celebrations are memories that define any childhood. Let us help you create a party that will be absolutely unforgettable!

     Center Stage parties are perfect for celebrations involving children of all ages. Through sing-alongs, costume play, and musical games, our sessions engage both children and adults alike in a high-energy, interactive party experience. We can tailor the event to a specifically requested party theme, or you can leave the planning to our creative experts. 

     Our former clients have been thrilled with their party experiences, and you can expect the same at your upcoming celebration. View our video clips and Contact Us for more information! 

  • Popular nursery tune sing-alongs
  • Musical storytelling
  • Costumes & Improv
  • Creating instruments 
  • Musical Chairs

"All the kids, from age 2 to 6, were into it... They participated, sang, and danced along. The music really got the party started right! I would definitely recommend to anyone I know."

-Sheena Niehenke,

Center Stage parties client

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