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Violin, Guitar, Voice

Lily is a violinist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. As a child, Lily moved more than a dozen times and was able to immerse herself in many musical styles, beginning to perform professionally at the age of 13. She attended the New England Conservatory of Music, graduating with a degree in Music Performance from the Contemporary Improvisation department, where she studied music in both the Classical and Jazz departments.

She has performed worldwide, both on tours with a myriad of acclaimed music groups as well as national tours with her own projects. She has performed at the Transylvanian Jazz Festival in Romania, The Raanana Music Festival in Israel, The Milwaukee Irish Music Festival, as well as at Carnegie Hall with award winning clarinetist David Krakauer and on tours of the US with grammy-nominated cellist Rushad Eggleston. Lily was a finalist in the Midwest Fleadh fiddle competition and the East Coast Regional Scottish Fiddling Contest. Lily has also recorded as a violinist and guest vocalist on numerous recordings. She is a prolific songwriter and composer, and released her own album “Words Like Yours” in 2012. She is currently preparing to record her sophomore album of original songs.


Lily is a dedicated violin, vocal, and chamber music teacher who has taught students of every age, level, musical interest and background for over ten years both in the US and abroad. She has taught extensively in the NYC public school system, at music festivals and camps during the summer months, music therapy in refugee camps abroad, and has taught children and adults of all ages in private lesson settings on violin, voice, guitar, and music theory. Her motivation is to promote musical enjoyment and learning for students of all abilities and ages by creating a custom lesson plan adapted for the interests and goals of each student, fostering an environment of enjoyment and achievement.

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