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Voice, Piano, Composition

Maria is a composer, pianist, and singer. She started her music career as part of the internationally reknowned choir Vesna, winner of various international awards that include the Europe Grand Prix for Choral Singing. At the age of 13, she was performing at Bolshoi Theatre as a soloist in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” and at the age of 15, she was a soloist at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.


Maria attended the Gnesin Academy of Music, where she focused on contemporary jazz singing. While studying at Gnesin, she started writing her first compositions and touring with her band. She graduated from Gnesin Academy of Music with a Bachelor of Music. The same year, she was accepted to Berklee College of Music with a Composition Scholarship. Being exposed to classical and contemporary education, Maria was able to combine both.


Throughout her education, Maria arranged and composed music outside the classroom for artists that include Toninho Horta and Nile Rodgers. She is currently involved in composing for a feature documentary film based on stories of young caregivers that are taking care of their loved ones. Her future goal is to establish herself as an independent artist and create more opportunities for female musicians.


Along with her experience as a composer, Maria loves teaching. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with the young generation. She is always trying to find a personal approach to every student, and makes their education fun and efficient.

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