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Children sit attentively and laugh as a Soyulla music teacher shows them a fun instrument


Song & Performance with Soyulla’s Broadway Star!

Instructor: Ms. N’Kenge


Soyulla Artists brings you Broadway star, N’Kenge, as she teaches you how to sing and perform your favorite songs from Broadway and beyond. The star of Motown: The Musical and the upcoming revival of Caroline or Change will teach students the basics of singing, breathing and listening techniques in order to perform their favorite songs with more confidence, character and bigger voices. Whether you have some singing experience or simply love music, anyone can enjoy this class aimed at empowering your natural voice, confidence and self-expression through music.

Music Blastoff

Instructor: Ms. Kelly and Ms. Katie 


Sing, laugh, dance and have a rockin’ good time in this class of musical fun and creativity. Music Blastoff is perfect for young beginners who want to learn more about the magic of making music. Bright visuals, games and catchy tunes show students how music is created and performed and help prepare them to start lessons in any musical instrument they choose. As they sing and make up their own lyrics to fun and popular songs, they are introduced to the basic terminology and concepts of music. Students will also learn several fun new songs that they can sing and share with family and friends. Get ready to move your body and use your voice in a class full of action-packed fun that’s sure to lift everyone’s spirits. 

Make Your Own Band

Instructor: Mr. Drew and Ms. Jess


So you want to be in a band? Get ready to make some noise, play rocking tunes and learn how to make music together in Make Your Own Band class. Learn everything that you need to know about how to create music with others by playing famous rock, pop, reggae and other exciting tunes using any instrument or object in your home. The class will include learning how to write original songs, improvise and above all else learn how to rock out with your fellow bandmates. From any regular house object that chimes and rings to classical instruments or rock gear like drumsticks, anything and everything can be an instrument in this class and all students are welcome to join and become a part of the band! 

Raise Your Voice! Disney, Musicals, Pop and other Favorites

Instructor: Ms. Jess

Do you love to sing? Then get ready to sing your heart out and dance along with your favorite songs from Hamilton, Frozen, and Moana as well as age appropriate tunes by Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and more. Equal parts fun and learning, students will feel exhilarated and energized as they sing with their peers and learn healthy methods of using their voices. Experience the joy of music and peer connection by singing your musical favorites and harmonizing with friends in this lively and interactive class aimed at providing a fun and creative breather in your day. 

Opera Power! 

Instructor: Ms. Chelsea


Before we could sing along to Frozen and dance along to TikTok videos we had opera. Learn how opera tells stories through music and why this classical art form is as popular and exciting today as it was hundreds of years ago. Students will learn about some of the most famous operas in history, find out why opera singers have such big voices and start to sing like opera singers using their own bodies as instruments. The class will culminate in the students creating and performing their own mini-opera and learning how to sing with big voices and opera power confidence!

3-2-1 Fun! Music Improv for Creative Kids 

Instructor: Ms. Carrie


Get ready to have fun! In this music improvisation class for young beginners, students will laugh, clap and move while they learn to make songs on the spot. 3-2-1- Fun! will teach students the fundamentals of music including reading notes, creating rhythms and producing sounds with their bodies and voices while encouraging their natural abilities and cultivating inner creativity to create improvised music. No instruments required as students learn that they have the power to make their own music. 

First Piano Adventures

Instructors: Ms. Heidi and Mr. Shane


Introduce young students to the world of music in this fun, interactive and game-filled piano class for young beginners. Students will sing, clap, and move as they learn about piano playing, musical improvisation, and songwriting. By the end of the course, children will be able to find any note on the piano and read any note on the musical staff, and will also be able to read simple rhythms. They will understand the basics of music, which will serve as a wonderful foundation for any musical classes going forward.

Guitar Grooves 

Instructor: Mr. Eric


Get ready to jam along to guitar classics in this groovy group guitar class! Beginners and experienced players alike are welcome to join and learn how to become better musicians by playing as part of a group. Students will work on their listening skills, as they learn some of the most popular guitar songs in recent history. They’ll improve their performance skills with group exercises and teamwork and will create music together through improvisation and songwriting.

Fun With Violin! 

Instructor: Ms. Johnna and Ms. Lena


Fun with violin! is a group violin class that takes students from the very basics of holding a bow to playing simple classical pieces we all know and love. Duets, games and performances show students the timeless beauty of this classic instrument and the music it makes. By the end of class, students will have learned the important fundamentals of violin and will be able to play simple classics.

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